Independent Prescribing Course

Non-Medical Prescribing course prepares you to prescribe medicines from the British National Formulary (BNF) in your area of competence, assisting you in extending your practice. You’ll learn to prescribe safely, appropriately and cost-effectively, as both an independent and supplementary prescriber.

Who should attend?

You’ll already be a registered nurse, midwife, pharmacist, physiotherapist, paramedic, chiropodist, podiatrist, dietician, diagnostic or therapeutic radiographer, and this course may interest you because there is a recognised need for you to prescribe within your clinical practice.

Entry requirements

  • Registered for 24 months with the GPhC (pharmacists). Additionally, pharmacist applicants must have at least 24 months experience in the specialist role in which they will prescribe and must take this module at level 7.
  • Registered for 12 months with the NMC (nurses/midwives).
  • Registered with the HCPC (allied health professionals – with appropriate experience; paramedics must be working in an advanced practice, non-ambulance setting and must take this module at level 7.

University of York
Independent Prescribing Course
Address: Heslington, York, YO10 5DD, UK
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What is Independent Prescribing Course? Unlocking Opportunities in Medication Management


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Independent Prescribing Course, a transformative program offered by esteemed universities. This course is designed to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills required to become Independent Prescribing Practitioners. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the course, its significance in modern healthcare, and the opportunities it presents for aspiring practitioners.

Section 1: Understanding Independent Prescribing

Independent prescribing is a specialized form of prescribing that allows qualified healthcare professionals to prescribe medications to patients within their specific area of expertise. Unlike supplementary prescribing, independent prescribing grants practitioners the authority to make autonomous decisions and prescribe medications in accordance with their clinical judgment. This extended role enhances patient care and streamlines the healthcare process.

Section 2: Structure and Duration of the Independent Prescribing Course

The Independent Prescribing Course is a postgraduate program offered by reputable universities, equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary competence to prescribe medications independently. The course typically consists of theoretical and practical components delivered through a combination of classroom-based learning, online modules, and supervised clinical practice.

The duration of the course may vary depending on the university and the mode of study chosen. It commonly ranges from several months to a year, enabling professionals to balance their learning alongside their clinical commitments.

Section 3: Course Curriculum

The curriculum of the Independent Prescribing Course is designed to cover essential topics that are crucial for safe and effective prescribing. These may include, but are not limited to:

1. Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics: Understanding the principles of drug action, interactions, and the body’s response to medication.
2. Clinical assessment and diagnosis: Developing skills in patient assessment, history-taking, and diagnostic reasoning.
3. Legal and ethical considerations: Ensuring practitioners understand the legal and ethical frameworks surrounding prescribing, including the responsibilities and accountability associated with independent prescribing.
4. Prescribing in specific contexts: Tailoring prescribing practices to different patient populations, such as pediatric, geriatric, and vulnerable populations.
5. Evidence-based practice: Familiarizing practitioners with research methodologies, critical appraisal skills, and the integration of evidence-based guidelines into prescribing decisions.

Section 4: Admission Requirements

To enroll in an Independent Prescribing Course, candidates must meet specific entry criteria. These may include:

1. Current registration with a professional healthcare regulatory body (e.g., General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council).
2. Relevant clinical experience and a good standing within their profession.
3. Demonstrated competence in clinical assessment and decision-making skills.
4. Support from a designated medical practitioner or a relevant healthcare professional who will act as the course’s mentor/supervisor.

Section 5: Advantages of Becoming an Independent Prescribing Practitioner

Completing the Independent Prescribing Course opens up a multitude of opportunities for healthcare professionals. As an independent prescribing practitioner, individuals gain:

1. Enhanced autonomy: The ability to make independent prescribing decisions, leading to more efficient patient care and improved treatment outcomes.
2. Expanded scope of practice: A wider range of conditions can be managed effectively, allowing practitioners to take on additional responsibilities and contribute more comprehensively to the healthcare team.
3. Professional development: The course equips professionals with advanced clinical skills and fosters their continuous learning and development.
4. Career progression: Independent prescribing practitioners are highly sought after in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, primary care, and specialist clinics. This qualification can open doors to exciting career opportunities and higher levels of responsibility.


The Independent Prescribing Course provides healthcare professionals with a unique opportunity to elevate their clinical practice and contribute significantly to patient care. By acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and legal authority, practitioners become adept at prescribing medications within their area of expertise, benefiting both patients and the wider healthcare

system. If you’re passionate about delivering holistic care and making a positive impact in medication management, the Independent Prescribing Course may be your gateway to a rewarding professional journey.

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