Prescribing Course

If you’re considering becoming a prescriber, then you are about to get a shock because you CAN’T use it!
Faheem Ahmed award-winning pharmacist prescriber

The harsh reality

Why bother. There are only 1900 pharmacist independent prescribers out of 57,00 + pharmacists1, of which more than 30% have not been prescribed within 12 months2.

Can you believe this? Never prescribed in 12 months? Oh, wait, it gets worse because among those who managed to ‘pull the trigger,’ the most common area for prescribing was ‘medicines optimization and reviews’3

The problem that needs a solution

Okay, so we have a shortage of doctors and nurses, a rising cost to healthcare, and A&E waiting times greater than 4 hours (I am not even going to reference this claim); it appears to me patients are struggling with acute conditions then why not solve that problem?

Focus on acute care

I mean, it’s okay to focus on whatever area you are comfortable in, but in my humble opinion, we are missing a trick. Think about it, when was the last time a patient complained about not being able to have a review of their medication? 

Have you ever had a patient upset about missing an asthma review or irritated because he was not invited for a hypertension review? In my 10 years, I seriously can not remember many cases. 

Now, medicines optimization is an essential aspect of patient healthcare, but I don’t think you need to be a prescriber to undertake this role? I know you are capable of more.

Your Potential is huge

You’re true potential

There is so much we are capable of and can do. 

Unfortunately, the potential of our profession just remains untapped. Imagine sitting in your consultation room with patients waiting to be seen, and you walked out confidently calling the patient’s name, knowing you have the skills, confidence, and competencies. Wouldn’t it feel great and give you satisfaction? or do you prefer confirming the items on a scripted match the boxes in front of you? By the way, if that is what you prefer then I can’t see us doing that for long.

The cart before the horse

If you’re still with me and you can see yourself in that capacity and have the same belief that I have in you, then understand this; the prescribing qualification does not teach you clinical skills. That is right. I said it. The prescribing qualification will not prepare you to unlock your true potential, It’s not designed for this. Instead, you need to develop your clinical skills first, gain experience, and then begin your prescribing course.

But I’ll still show you how to become a prescriber step by step

As long as you have read the above warning, I am still happy to show you how to become a great prescribing pharmacist if you care to listen. 

So, to make things easier for you, save you time and money, and give you the best opportunity to unlock your true potential, join me on the webinar. That’s right. I intend to cover everything you need to know about the prescribing course, from how to find a designated prescribing practitioner, choosing your scope of practice, hints and tips all the way to filling out the application form, and plenty more!

So click the link below and I will see you there!



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