Independent Prescribing Course

Open University

Non-Medical Prescribing course prepares you to prescribe medicines from the British National Formulary (BNF) in your area of competence, assisting you in extending your practice. You’ll learn to prescribe safely, appropriately and cost-effectively, as both an independent and supplementary prescriber.

Course length

6 Months

Course accredited


Accredited till

May 2023



Who should attend?

You’ll already be a registered nurse, midwife, pharmacist, physiotherapist, paramedic, chiropodist, podiatrist, dietician, diagnostic or therapeutic radiographer, and this course may interest you because there is a recognised need for you to prescribe within your clinical practice.

Entry requirements

  • Registered for 24 months with the GPhC (pharmacists). Additionally, pharmacist applicants must have at least 24 months experience in the specialist role in which they will prescribe and must take this module at level 7.
  • Registered for 12 months with the NMC (nurses/midwives).
  • Registered with the HCPC (allied health professionals – with appropriate experience; paramedics must be working in an advanced practice, non-ambulance setting and must take this module at level 7.

Open University
Independent Prescribing Course
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Non-Medical Prescribing

This module aims to provide you with the information and abilities needed for safe, appropriate, and effective prescription practise, as well as the ability to satisfy the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) competencies within your scope of practise. It will enable you to improve patient care by enhancing your role and effectively utilising your skills and talents. You’ll get the chance to think about current research and its significance in the ongoing development and implementation of best practises. As an Independent/Supplemental Prescriber, you will be prepared to be responsible and accountable for the assessment of patients with identified and undiagnosed diseases, as well as the decision-making abilities necessary in clinical care.

This session will provide you a thorough grasp of the clinical and practical elements of prescription in your field of practise. The academic foundation is supplemented by significant practice-based learning, allowing you to obtain and demonstrate acceptable understanding of the underlying applied pharmacology. Group courses will help you comprehend the legal and ethical consequences of prescription.

The programme was created in collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Science and Technology, and it employs cutting-edge innovative teaching and learning techniques. Learning materials and activities that are vibrant and diverse are brought together, giving a new and creative approach to non-medical prescribing while allowing you to determine the speed and direction of your own learning.

The schedule incorporates video presentations, research resources, interactive workshops, and flipped learning to aid with this learning. Students are introduced to the learning content before studying it in a formal learning session with their tutor in flipped learning. This is utilised to enhance and broaden present understanding through peer debate and problem-solving exercises, which frequently include case studies.

The teaching and learning components are provided over the course of 26 days. Four of these are campus days (an online option will be provided if COVID-19 limitations apply), which allow for the development of consultation methods and clinical abilities. To receive credit for this module, you must attend all of the classes.


You will discover
Learning sets will build an attitude of quality and support, inspiring you to achieve optimal academic practise. Through multidisciplinary and professional contact, you will also be encouraged to build research abilities, analyse evidence directly, and broaden your professional skills, attitudes, confidence, and resilience.

Under the supervision of your Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessor, you will build the integration of knowledge, clinical competence, and practise during your practice-based learning experience.

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